Dates pitting machine and fruit and vegetable processing equipment

Dates cleaning machine

Product introduction:

The automatic date cleaning machine produced by our company can be processed and customized according to different output and requirements of customers. It is suitable for all kinds of large, medium and small enterprises with different specifications and prices.

1. It is suitable for cleaning, soaking, sterilization and color fixing of granular, leafy and rhizome products such as vegetables, fruits and aquatic products.

2. The conveying part of the machine adopts SUS304 stainless steel mesh belt, which has the characteristics of stable operation and long service time.

3. The utility model has the advantages of simple operation, convenient maintenance and convenient connection.

4. The main body of the water tank is made of stainless steel and stainless steel, which is wear-resistant and durable.

Equipment features:

This product is made of SUS304 stainless steel. Except for motor, bearing and other parts, the equipment is made of SUS304 stainless steel. The equipment is equipped with a bubble generating device to make the material in a rolling state and remove agricultural residues on the product surface. At the same time, an appropriate amount of reagent can be added for disinfection and color fixation. The floating debris can overflow from the overflow tank, and the sediment can be discharged from the sewage outlet to achieve the purpose of cleaning. Under the combined work of bubble, surfing, lifting and spraying, the equipment has the characteristics of cleaning , energy saving and water saving, and the equipment  can maintain the original color.

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