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Vacuum fryer

Product introduction

The fruit and vegetable chips produced by vacuum fryer are very popular healthy snacks in the market at present. With various fruits and vegetables as raw materials, after dehydration and frying by low-temperature vacuum frying equipment, they process fruits and vegetables such as apples, bananas, okra and potatoes at low temperature to make the food crisp, not greasy and prolong the shelf life, And effectively prevent the temperature from damaging the nutrients of fruits and vegetables.

At present, the popular fruit and vegetable chips on the market are:

Vacuum fried jackfruit: thick pulp, strong and attractive.

Vacuum fried crisp jujube: it’s like eating peach crisp. It’s crisp and delicious, and the oil content is very low.

Apple chips: natural color, fragrance, natural taste, suitable for all ages, crisp and delicious.

Vacuum fried French fries and chips: at the moment of opening the bag, you can smell the fragrance of ingredients, making people seem to stand under the trees of rural manors. Fragrance.

Banana chips: crisp, sweet and delicious.

The above products are produced by vacuum fryer. These products are now very popular on the Internet, with considerable sales. They are suitable for children, office staff as office snacks, movies and TV dramas. The market is very wide.

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